Allevi8 Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml Duo (2 x 750ml)


Say goodbye to flyaways and frizz with De Lorenzo Allevi8 Shampoo and Conditioner Duo pack.



Take advantage of Allevi8 Shampoo and Conditioner duo in a limited edition 750ml size.

Bid farewell to flyaway tresses and frizzy locks with De Lorenzo Allevi8 Shampoo, a lush all-natural formula that is enriched with cactus flower and cucumber. De Lorenzo Allevi8 Shampoo is all about allowing you to be in complete control of your mane.

This succulent formula is blended with rice amino acids, Kakadu plum and tucca, all gifts from Mother Nature’s bounty that will smooth away the frizz and leave your tresses soft, silky, clean, and healthy.

Follow with De Lorenzo Allevi8 Conditioner, chock full of ingredients from Mother Nature, including cactus flower, cucumber, Kakadu plum, and tucca to moisturize your locks and leave your hair free from frizz leaving behind gorgeously healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

And remember, De Lorenzo hair care products are manufactured from beginning to end to be environmentally-responsible and are never tested on animals, ever.

  • 1 x De Lorenzo Allevi8 Shampoo (750ml)
  • 1 x De Lorenzo Allevi8 Conditioner (750ml)

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Weight 1400 g