Curly Girl

Think curls can’t be stylish, mature, professional or sexy? Think again!

There’s nothing wrong with trying straight styles for a certain look but we’d like to issue an open invitation to anyone who’s been shy about their curls to fully embrace their spirally, bouncy splendour!

So…who is a Curly Girl?

She’s got curls and she’s not afraid to show them. That takes careful maintenance, well-selected, high-quality, curl-friendly products and expert styling by a true curl connoisseur.

At Kepnock Hair, we offer the services of Geri, the only qualified Curly Girl dry cut stylist in both Bundaberg and Wide Bay. She trained with Australia’s only Deva Curl & Rezo cut stylist, Amanda Rickman and was certified by Curly Hair Education.

With curl by curl dry cutting, you can have a style that suits your curls and your face. Our expert guidance can also help you develop your curl maintenance regimen so you can maximise your look on your own.

We stock products that are made for curls and waves including the full range of Queensland’s own exceptional CLEVER CURL and Everescents products along with the outstanding JessiCurl range, Orange Marmalade by ECOSLAY & Ouidad from America.

It’s time to show those curls off with pride. Become a Curly Girl today!